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  • Why Breastfeeding clothes?
    • Why Breastfeeding clothes? A common question from first time pregnant mums is do I really need breastfeeding clothes? Why nursing wear?

      It’s a bit like chocolate, you don’t actually need it, but once you had some, you can’t be without it! I discovered nursing wear after the birth of my second son and I can’t believe how I ever managed before with my first son two years prior. I now realise I spent a lot of time hidden away in mother’s rooms and away from the action. Specially designed breastfeeding clothes really can make your easier in the following ways:

      No more exposed belly

      Like many first time mums I was very self-conscious about breastfeeding in public and definitely didn’t want to share my stretch marks and saggy tummy with the world! With regular clothes you need to undo buttons or pull up your clothing to feed your baby. Nursing wear has specially designed hidden nursing openings that allow you to easily feed discreetly without all your bits on display.

      Breastfeeding in public

      Many breastfeeding tops today look like the latest fashion and allow you to breastfeed in public without anyone knowing. I found them fantastic when I was out with friends for coffee or lunch because I could breastfeed at the table without anyone knowing and no longer did I need to miss out the gossip because I had to find a mother’s room. For people who weren’t mums or parents it also made them feel comfortable as you really can’t see anything at all.

      Keep you warm in winter

      There is nothing worse than a cold belly and back in the middle of winter when you are breastfeeding, particularly at night. I loved the fact I could keep covered and warm in my breastfeeding clothes while nursing – especially at 2am in the morning! Nursing tanks with built-in bras are also really comfy to sleep in and hold breastpads to prevent night leaks.

      Special Occasions

      No longer are you stuck with oversized button-up tops for those special occasions such as weddings and christenings. Today’s contemporary nursing wear also includes dresses, which is great for when you want to wear something nice and feel like a person again! The best thing is no one will ever know you are wearing breastfeeding clothes and you won’t feel uncomfortable having to feed in front of others which you often have to do in restaurants, churches, etc.

      Feel Great

      After the birth of a baby you can often feel a little down and frumpy as you old clothes still don’t fit and you are sick of your maternity clothes. Nursing wear is designed for the post-baby shape and will see you through the first 12 months or longer of your baby’s life. It really does lift your spirits having something nice to wear which is also practical.

      Besides you can afford to spoil yourself when you think of all the money you save by breastfeeding and not having to buy formula, bottles and cleaning equipment. You definitely deserve it!

      If you plan to breastfeed, nursingwear will simplify your nursing experience and make it even more enjoyable!

      When should I buy nursing wear?

      There are several essentials that we recommend purchasing in your third trimester, so that you are prepared when your baby is born. These items are:

      2 Supportive Nursing bras - Nursing bras have cups that drop down to provide access for breastfeeding.

      1 sleep bra - Sleep bras are less constructed and more comfortable for nighttime wear.

      1 nursing nightgown - Nighttime feedings are much simpler when you don't have to fumble with your clothes.

      1 nursing wear lounge set - Ideal for wearing around the house when drop-in visitors and family stop by.

      2 or 3 comfortable nursing tops - Our nursing tops provide easy access that simplifies your breastfeeding experience. Our collection also includes styles that will fit in the weeks following delivery.

      1 nursing dress for special occasions - Your baby's christening, naming, holiday and family gatherings will be more enjoyable when you feel great about the way you look, and are able to feed your baby easily.

      Written by Kelly Gough, owner Nuvo Maternity, Australia. Kelly Gough is a business mum who ma

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    Reviewed and approved by the Good Shop Guide
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